The American Sportsfishing Association just released information that is great for recreational salmon fishermen along the Columbia river. The Northwest states Oregon and Washington are working hand in hand to regulate and reduce gill netting of salmon in critical areas of the Columbia River.

For any fisherman out there who knows the sport of fishing, knows this is pretty big news.  Two states working hand in hand to preserve a key specie of fish. Although Oregon acted first, it is just a technicality and Washington will be on board shortly, according to the report.
So, if Washington and Oregon can work together to protect a fish specie, why can’t other states do the same thing. We should have uniform commercial catch rules for Striped Bass along the east coast. The gulf states should join forces to protect all the species they share in common. Agree or disagree with me? Please share and prove me wrong!
It’s true that one state operating alone can have a major impact on a fishery. Look at what Alaska does with salmon. They have the best managed fishery in the world. But Alaska doesn’t boarder any other states. So, they can act unilaterally….and they do.
What we need is politicians to put down their personal and state’s rights agendas for a time and act in concert. Then maybe some of these endangered species would have a chance to survive. Congratulations to Oregon and Washington for leading the way.
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