Every fisherman is protected out on the water with Captain Knoll’s FaceGard™!

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A combination pack of Captain Knoll’s 55+ SPF Fisherman’s Sunscreen and Captain Knoll’s 30 SPF LipGuard™ will leave any fisherman safe from the harsh effects of sun, salt, and wind!


Captain Knoll’s 55+ Fisherman’s Sunscreen:

  • Hands-Free/No Mess Design
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • 55+ SPF Full Spectrum Protection
  • Perfect size for any pocket or tackle box
  • Perfectly designed for applying to the face, nose, ears, and neck!
Captain Knoll’s 30 SPF LipGard™:

  • Contains Aloe & Z-Cote allowing protection from sun, salt, and wind!
  • “Wonderful Wondermint” flavor
  • Glides on thin, clear, and smooth
  • Works great for chapped lips!