American Express has put together the Small Business Saturday campaign taking place today, November 24, 2012. All of our small business owners are pulling together to bring awareness to consumers of the importance of shopping small business and supporting us!

Small businesses is the route that we as a country need to stride down hard in order to increase job creation and the economy. Take some time out to check out Captain Knoll’s Small Business Saturday deals! Take some time out to check out the great gifts for golfers and great gifts for fishermen that Captain Knoll’s has to offer this holiday season!

Captain Knoll’s Fisherman’s Soap will eliminate ANY odors from your hands. Say goodbye to the those lingering annoying smells that come along with a day of fishing(or garlic, onion, gasoline, skunk. YES. SKUNK!)

Captain Knoll’s and Double Eagles Hands-free sunscreen is designed for any golfer or fishermen with them in mind. They apply like a deodorant stick, leaving hands lotion free every time.

Our giftsets are great Christmas gifts for golfers and Christmas gifts for fishermen! Check them out and support all the small businesses in your community! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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