Those who Captain boats will tell you that the best place for a boat is in the water. I heard that a thousand times from Coast Guard instructors in Captain’s Licensing classes. Captain Knoll’s is located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, ‘ground zero’ during the recent SuperStorm Sandy situation. Our offices got pretty beat up but we are back in business and going strong.
We have a company boat, oddly enough, called the Captain Knoll’s. Before the storm, our boat, that is docked on a lagoon, was the one thing we worried about. We never figured on a storm surge or the barrier islands being breached.
So, we rigged the boat for a hurricane and evacuated. The storm, as everyone now knows, was far worse than we could ever anticipate. We lost our company SUV, our heating system, filing cabinets, etc, etc, etc.
The boat, however, came through just fine. We were the only boat on the lagoon that stayed in the water. The others that were on blocks, etc all floated off and scattered to the four winds. The Captain Knoll’s just went up with the tide and down when it receded…..twice.
Rather  than try to explain how to do it, get your hands on a Chapman’s Boater’s Bible. They explain it all very well. it’s a bit of work but it certainly paid off.
I hope no one ever needs to do it again but there is  a way to rig your boat so that it can just float during a hurricane. Check it out and be prepared.
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