It is scary to see how many people are unaware of the importance to protect your skin all year round.

According to a survey taken by TNS( a market research group), there are 51% of men in the United States that have claimed to not wear sunscreen AT ALL in the past 12 months. And apparently out of the 1,000 men surveyed, 70% do not know the warning signs of cancer!

Listen, I understand that a lot of people, especially men feel they don’t need to wear sunscreen, but awareness of skin damage and cancer is increasing and is not a topic that should be overlooked! At so many of the Outdoor Sportsmen Shows that I have selling Captain Knoll’s Fisherman’s Formulas or speaking with golfers at events or gift shows like the Philadelphia Gift Show or Panama City Resort Merchandise and Gift Show, so many men said to me, almost offended, “Oh, I don’t wear sunscreen!”. But, at the very same events, I had a lot of older fisherman spend time in my booth telling me how they realized now it is so important and showed me spots on themselves that they have had surgery on. It was not enjoyable. And I wouldn’t wish having to stand there and experience that on anyone. BUT. It did drill into my mind that using sunscreen avidly is  very important. recommends that everyone wear broad spectrum (UVA/UVB protection) sunscreen with a 15SPF or higher, everyday! And for those days spending a lot of time outdoors, like a day fishing on the water or playing a round of golf on the course? 30+ SPF! It is very important to reapply throughout the day and protect your skin! A few minutes out of your day now could keep years on! Sounds dramatic. I know. But really, think about it! It’s true! Men over the age of 50 are more than twice as likely as women to die from melanoma.

Men, we leave you with no excuse to not use sunscreen while being outdoors all day. You are golfing, we know… you don’t want to take off your glove, get lotion on your hands, mess up your swing. We have heard it all. But Double Eagles took care of this problem for you! Double Eagles 55+ Ultra Sunscreen is a handsfree sunscreen! You can reapply all day with a strong UVA/UVB protection, water and sweat resistant sunscreen without ever removing your glove! Stay safe and keep your score down!

And fishermen… I know you are a man and “you don’t need sunscreen”. But you do. And I know, you don’t want the lotion to ruin the bait and the lotion gets on the equipment, and your hands are gross and then you go touch the lotion, your face,and yadda yadda. Welp! Captain Knoll’s Fisherman’s Formulas Hands Free Sunscreen will solve that problem for you! Water and sweat resistant too! And don’t forget, those smelly hands? Captain Knoll’s Fisherman’s Formulas Hand & Body Soap has that covered like white on rice! ;)

Do yourselves a favor… and love yourself and protect yourself from potential harms of the sun!


Both Hands Free Ultra Sunscreens can be found at

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