Sadly, the salt water fishing season is coming to an end in the northern part of the country. Only the hardiest of us will be fishing during the winter months. As I get older I get ‘less hardy’. Here are some tips to keep in mind when winterizing your fishing gear this winter season:

1. Lube Up Real Good:
It is really important to make sure you lubricate every moving part on your reels when closing up the tackle box and hanging up the fishing poles for the winter season. You want to make sure when fishing season comes back around you are able to pull out your gear just as you remembered it! Using a simple household lubricant like WD-40 works great.

2. Out With The Old, In With The New:
When is comes to my lines, I like to start off with a brand new line every season. Especially with I find it is better to start off fresh and not have to worry about what the harsh winter has done to the tensions and quality of your line.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of starting with a new line every season, I suggest at least cutting off the terminal tackle and running a few yards off of the line. Make sure you loosen drags. Leaving them tight all winter can cause them to freeze up or lose tension.

3. Check out your Rod(s):
Take some time to check the eyes/guides on your rods. You should be checking to see if any of the wrapping has come loose throughout the season. If so, get them re-tied. It’s cheap and it is great “winter work”.

4.Keep Your Tackle Tight:
Check your tackle box for rusting lures and tackle. It’s no fun to start the season with beat up tackle that doesn’t work and won’t catch fish.

Hope everyone had a great fishing season and hope you can find some of these tips helpful in preparing for winterizing your fishing gear!

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